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Miller’s Girl (2024) Synopsis: Marin Freeman and Jenna Ortega

Miller’s Girl (2024) Synopsis

Genre: Drama
Director: Jade Halley Bartlett
Writer: Jade Halley Bartlett
Release Date: Jan 18, 2024 (Thailand)
Runtime: 93m
Distributor: Lionsgate

Miller’s Girl (2024) Poster: Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman
Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman in Miller’s Girl (2024) | via Lionsgate

Miller’s Girl Synopsis

The story revolves around a relationship that sparks questions when they meet in a creative writing class at a distant high school, in the wilds of nowhere, Tennessee. Cairo Sweet (Jenna Ortega), an 18-year-old prodigious writer, encounters Jonathan Miller (Martin Freeman), a teacher who used to be a writer but abandoned it years ago.

Cairo is tasked with a short story project, emulating the style of her favorite writers, which becomes the catalyst for a gradually complex relationship beyond the norms. Jonathan starts to see the prodigy in Cairo, while she, in turn, begins to develop feelings for him and increasingly seeks his company, blurring the lines between teacher and student.

Meanwhile, Boris (Bashir Salahuddin), Jonathan’s close friend and colleague, becomes interested in Winnie (Gideon Adlon), Cairo’s alluring best friend. When Winnie learns about Boris’s interest, she takes full advantage, even going as far as declaring her willingness to do whatever he wants.

The story takes a dramatic turn when Cairo writes a romantic short story about a teacher attempting to seduce a student, leaving Jonathan deeply unsettled. He orders her to rewrite it, emphasizing their relationship as solely teacher and student. Feeling rejected, Cairo takes ‘that story’ to the school director, potentially risking Jonathan’s career and life.

Both of them confront their own dark sides gradually revealed, leading to a lesson that might destroy them both.


Miller’s Girl: Trailer 1



Jenna Ortega as Cairo Sweet
Martin Freeman as Jonathan Miller
Gideon Adlon as Winnie
Bashir Salahuddin as Boris